How to recruit skilled staff through a top-rated recruitment agency

How to recruit skilled staff through a top-rated recruitment agency

Does your organisation need some expertise? Someone reliable and efficient who knows their stuff inside and out? Are you looking to grow your business or is your organisation needing to create positive change?

As the best recruitment agency in Perth, Allstar Recruitment Group has got you covered.

Searching for the ideal candidate takes time and know-how. The recruitment process is a lengthy one with many steps to follow. You’re going to need someone to figure out what kind of role is required, create a position description and an advertisement, as well as find the best sites to post it on. You’ll need to be prepared to sift through countless resumes, conduct initial interviews and follow up with referees when your time is probably better spent on the job at hand. And don’t forget the phone calls you’re going to receive – you’ll need to be around for those.

Allstar Recruitment Group will not only guide you through this process, but our expert recruitment specialists will take it out of your hands so you can focus on your important role within your organisation.

How do we find staff with the skills you need?

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Of course, it goes without saying that you want to get the best person for the job. Someone who has just graduated from their field or someone who has an impressive track record in their specialty area. Whatever the requirements for the role, you’re going to need to search for the right person.

The beauty of recruitment agencies is that we have a database of people looking for work, all with differing skills and experience. We have a network of potential employees at our fingertips, waiting for their ideal job. Unlike many other recruitment agencies, Allstar Recruitment also has many avenues of candidate attraction we use, we don’t just post online and hope for the best.

Our consultants are industry specialists and have large networks within the industries they recruit for. Many of our placements come from our consultant connections and the large well qualified database we have nurtured for the past 15 years.

At Allstar Recruitment Group, our clients range from large global organisations, to mid-sized privately-owned family firms to small start-ups. We can assist you with hiring people of all position levels with a wide variety of skills to fit all kinds of roles.

Our recruitment agency covers five divisions:

We are experts in finding permanent employees and temp staff and labour hire to all our clients Australia wide.

What do you need to do to find this talent?

Your first step is to contact us to get the ball rolling.

We will then conduct a thorough assessment with you to ascertain what you need and what kind of candidate would fit well for your requirements.

The next steps are:

  • Searching our extensive database of quality candidates
  • Designing an advertising campaign to attract the best candidates in the field
  • Screening all applications and resumes
  • Shortlisting the most experienced and skilled candidates
  • Administering candidate profiles for shortlisted candidates
  • Conducting interviews using proven, best practice interview techniques
  • Completing comprehensive reference checks
  • Presenting successful candidates to you for interview

We will offer you our recommendations, but of course, candidate selection is entirely up to you. Plus, we won’t charge you a cent until you are completely happy with a successful placement – another reason Allstar Recruitment Group needs to be your go to for getting the perfect candidate. Our permanent placements all come with our unique “12 month replacement guarantee”

So, call us at our recruitment agency in Perth on 1300 478 233 or you can register your vacancy here  and specialist recruitment consultant will be in touch with you.

We’ll help you find who you’re looking for.