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Top 10 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

Why do employees quit their jobs? Research has shown that the main reasons why people leave their jobs tend to fall into one of the following ten categories:

  1. Under-staffing - are your employees expected to carry an unrealistic workload that sees them working long hours day after day without respite or promise of a better future?
  2. Poor Communication - are management communicating with staff in an open, transparent and timely manner?
  3. Lack of Challenge - are departing employees saying that they needed more responsibility, and do they seek opportunities that just don't exist in your current organisation?
  4. Lack of Empowerment - Are staff empowered to make reasonable decisions in their job? Or is micro-management the rule?
  5. No Recognition - Are employees being recognised for their efforts, over and above their pay packet? Does this recognition occur in both 'Manager-to-employee' and 'Manager-to-team' situations?
  6. Limited Work-Life Options - Are you flexible with job sharing, maternity / paternity / study leave; are employees able to work part-time or from a home office?
  7. Poor Company Culture - Are there ethical issues at conflict with what the company says its culture represents and how it actually operates?
  8. The Employee's Life Situation Has Changed - Have departing employees just married or had a baby; are their salary and benefits no longer supportive of their life needs?
  9. Questionable Promotional Practices - Has management promoted someone who lacks the training and/or necessary experience to supervise, alienating staff and driving away good employees?
  10. No Enjoyment - Have departing employees simply stopped having fun at work and enjoying their jobs?