Maximise your relationship with your recruiter

Maximise your relationship with your recruiter

The job hunt can be a stressful and daunting experience, which is why working with a recruiter from a professional employment agency is the right move to find a job that is the perfect fit. 

Recruiters can help open doors to your dream employer or role (even if the position isn’t publicly posted), assist in refining your resume and help to prepare you for interviews.

Consultants can also open your eyes to career opportunities you may not have considered or steer you down a fruitful path if you are feeling lost. 

Whether you have sought out a recruiter or they have made contact with you about one of their job vacancies, our tips will help you to extract the full benefit of your partnership. 

Be honest and transparent with your recruiter

Not only about your skills and experience, but about your career and salary expectations to ensure we find your perfect match. 

Know your goals

Ask and answer questions such as “what type of company culture is a good fit for me?” or “what is my dream position?”. Having a clear direction will not only help to pair you with the right consultant, but ensure a desired placement . 

Utilise your recruiter’s advice

Recruiters have the expertise, knowledge and experience to help you navigate your job search, as well as a deep understanding of your potential future employers needs. Take their advice on board and trust they are steering you in the right direction.


First impressions are everything, so give your recruiter an insight into your professional demeanour by presenting yourself to them as you would a potential employer.

Open communication

Your recruiter is on your side and wants you to succeed, so open communication is essential. Discuss any opportunities that may have cropped up, other recruitment agencies you are working with, and previous roles for which you have applied. 

Help us to help you

Your dedicated Allstar Recruitment Group consultant is always available for advice during the recruitment process and for as long as you occupy the role in which you have been placed. Our team is keen to help you flourish and succeed in your perfect job.

With tailor-made services to suit companies of any size, and a database of 90,000 high quality candidates, our leading Perth recruitment agency will solve your staffing challenges with maximum efficiency. 

With specialised knowledge across a range of sectors and five specialist divisions we work harmoniously with both our candidates and clients to reach an ideal outcome. 

Contact the Perth-based recruitment team on 1300 478 233 to be paired with a compatible consultant and start building your perfect team. 

Our exceptional human resource and consultancy services are available Australia wide, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in addition to Western Australia.