Best recruitment agencies in Perth – keep your options open to get the right fit for jobs

Best recruitment agencies in Perth – keep your options open to get the right fit for jobs

When looking for the ideal candidate for a role, employers can sometimes have a pre-conceived idea of who they are looking for and what kind of skills and experience they will have to offer their organisation.  Advice from one of the best employment agencies in Perth recommends a checklist of skills and attributes that need to be ticked off and a list of selection criteria that they are keen to match to a candidate.

Although these tools are important to use in the recruitment process, finding and selecting employees isn’t always as straight forward.

As one of the best recruitment agencies in Perth, Allstar employment agency is skilled and experienced in finding the best candidates for the available positions at your organisation.

One of our guiding principles, and what we always recommend to our clients, is to be open-minded about who will fit the role you have advertised to give you the best chance of finding the perfect person for your firm.

As one of the best recruitment agency in Perth, we have some great advice on what to remember when recruiting your new employees:

  1. People come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes their experience doesn’t match exactly what you had in mind. This doesn’t mean they aren’t a good fit. It just means that maybe they are more skilled in other areas you may not have considered that will also be useful for the role you need filled.
  2. At our recruitment agency, we value transferable skills. For example, a candidate may not have experience in specific tasks but has experience and skills in a similar area that shows he or she would be capable of performing the task at hand.
  3. Don’t be ageist! Sometimes we are biased towards age demographics for certain roles but as we see time and time again, it doesn’t also work this way. Often older people have the enthusiasm and energy you need, whilst younger people may be well suited to a more senior role that you hadn’t considered for them.
  4. See the applicant’s role, not the sector they have been working in. Many applicants have gained valuable experience in their sector that they will be able to use in your industry. People are adaptable and can usually learn about a new industry quickly.
  5. Ask yourself if the interviewee holds the values of your organisation. Will they fit in with the team and do the right thing for your firm? Often, soft skills and having a like-minded person on board is vital and some of those skills you need could just be learned in time.

On the other side of the coin, if you are a job seeker, it’s just as important for you to keep your mind and options open when you are searching for that perfect job.

Some tips to help you with the process:

  1. Talk to a recruitment specialist who knows your field and be open to the different levels of positions he or she may suggest. If you feel that a role is too junior for you, perhaps it’s worth interviewing for the benefit of getting your foot in the door. Conversely, if you feel you are not quite up to a more senior position, take a chance as you may be surprised that you have the skills and experience that’s required
  2. Be broad-minded about what industry you could work in. Even though you may not have the experience in a certain field, what you do know could be transferable and enable you to fit right in!
  3. Just because you’re an expert at a specific role doesn’t mean you wouldn’t thrive in another, similar role. Taking a side step into another position can be beneficial for your resume and demonstrate your flexibility and willingness to take on other projects and tasks.

There are many recruitment companies in Perth, WA but Allstar Recruitment Group has the expertise to ensure you get the people you need. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, call us on 1300 478 233 to find out how we help with your next steps.

Just remember people come with all types of experience and skills that can be applicable in different situations – keeping your options open will give you a better chance at finding the right person for the available position in your organisation or give you the perfect role you didn’t know you were looking for.