3 Points to Consider While Hiring a Recruitment Agency in Australia

3 Points to Consider While Hiring a Recruitment Agency in Australia

Are you in the market for some new employees for your growing organisation? Are you looking to hire the best people in town? Recruitment agencies are your best bet if you want to save time, whilst also getting employees who are top of their game.

If you are looking for a list of recruitment agencies in Australia, you’ll find a long directory of agencies with varied levels expertise in a range of industries and roles. But there are a few points to consider when choosing a job agency in Perth Australia if you are going to find value for money, as well as save the time and effort they promise you will.

Is the recruitment agency skilled at finding the right people?

It seems like an obvious prerequisite to operating a recruitment agency, but you shouldn’t take it for granted that all the correct processes are in place. At Allstar employment agency, we have a solid recruitment process that ensures a person is suitable to the role and your organisation, and that background checks are conducted thoroughly.

Our recruitment process involves:

  • Conducting a detailed client briefing to ensure we really understand the role you require and the person you are looking for
  • Searching our extensive database of quality candidates
  • Designing an advertising campaign to attract the best candidates in the field
  • Screening all applications and resumes
  • Shortlisting the most experienced and skilled candidates
  • Administering personality profiles for shortlisted candidates
  • Conducting interviews
  • Completing comprehensive reference checks
  • Presenting successful candidates to you for interview, with our recommendations to help you make your final decision

When you are choosing one of the many recruitment agencies in Australia, be sure to select one which has rigorous governance and processes in place so that you get the best candidate for the job.

Do they have local market knowledge, networks and databases to find the people you need to fill your advertised vacancies?

These days, it’s vital to be at the fore of what’s happening in the job market, up-to-date with trends in industry and regularly in touch with potential employees.

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Many job agencies in Perth Australia have great databases of people for specific industries, but often it’s only one or two. At Allstar Recruitment Group, we have local and industry knowledge across five core areas:

This means we have unrivaled access to extensive databases of a wide range of talented people at our fingertips. We are continually researching market trends and networking so that you don’t have to. Targeted marketing, a prominent web presence and connection through social media allows us to secure candidates before they even enter the job market.

Will they give you value for money?

When you employ a recruitment agency, you want to have all the hassle of hiring people taken completely out of your hands, whilst also knowing that a thorough and professional job is being done. Many employment agencies in Australia will promise you a saving of time but then charge you like a wounded bull.

Allstar Recruitment Group offers great value for money. We value our clients and want to see them again and again to help them with their recruitment needs so we offer competitive pricing and guaranteed results.

We won’t charge you a cent until you are completely happy with a successful placement and in fact, we also offer replacement guarantees:

  • 12 months on all permanent white collar and executive placements
  • 4 months on all blue collar and hospitality placements

We are confident about offering you such great guarantees because we go that extra mile to get it right first time.

So, before you look at recruitment agencies in Perth for your recruiting needs, think about their expertise and what they’ll offer you, at what price and with what guarantees. When you are offered a savings of time, effort and money, consider these points to ensure that’s exactly what happens.